Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(BREAKING) Filthy 13 Year Old Fake Jew Océane Sluijzer Beaten By Moroccan Classmates; Glax Haas Poll: Most Legitimate Jews Want Impostors Imprisoned, Executed

Following an altercation at a sport training centre with five classmates from Moroccan origin, Oceane Sluijzer was beaten by the girls who shouted: 'Shut up, you dirty Jew, and return to your country'.In shock, the young Jewish girl filed a complaint with the Brussels police. The attackers have been identified and will be questioned. (More)
"Those Mongrels Ain't Jews & That Ain't Israel. Jerusalem Is Where The Jews Are Not Where America Built Illegitimacy. You Are Not Israel. TRADITION VS BLOOD: You Are The Synagogue Of Satan. As Jesus Despised You Imposters, We True Jews Despised You Too." Blacks Against Israel (BAI); FEATURING EXCLUSIVE Excerpts From Ancient Egypt Historian Rondeux & Oracle Truth Revealed

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