Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Greedy Birthright Thief, US Fake Jew Dr. David Silverstein & Wife Milk Welfare While Enjoying Seattle 1% Lifestyle

A Seward Park chiropractor and the woman believed to be his wife have been sued by the federal government for allegedly collecting welfare benefits and food stamps while living in a $1.2 million lakefront home in South Seattle. The lawsuit was filed on Friday, three days after federal agents executed a criminal search warrant at the home of David Silverstein and Lyudmila Shimonova, who the lawsuit says "are believed to be man and wife." The suit alleges that Silverstein has been collecting more than $1,000 a month in federal Housing and Urban Development rent subsidies for Shimonova to live in the home near Pritchard Beach on Lake Washington. HUD, however, said it was not aware that Silverstein was living at the home with Shimonova, and that the couple appear to be married — conditions that would make him ineligible to receive the payments, and wrong for Shimonova to apply for them. (More)